This Dog Went Overboard And Was Nowhere To Be Found. 3 Hours Later, The UNTHINKABLE Happened!

Two couples were out on a boat off the coast of Hernando Beach, five miles offshore, when Bruce Knecht spotted something in the water. At first he thought it was a buoy, but as they got closer, they noticed a little nose sticking up out of the water. It wasn’t a buoy at all, it was a Jack Russell Terrier, wearing a little animal life vest, floating in the waves.

The dog swam right over to the boat, and one of the men, Michael Sahr, pulled the dog out of the water. They then radioed the Coast Guard and were told someone reported the dog overboard three hours earlier. When the boaters brought the dog to the Coast Guard, the dog’s owner was there to take him back.

“I had given up. I had searched as long as I could and we just couldn’t see him, and we just thought we lost him,” his owner said with tears. “It’s my baby and I’m just so glad.” The dog most likely wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for the life vest!

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