This Pup Spent His Life In A Cage At A Dog Meat Farm. Now, He Gets To Feel Love For The First Time!

Just by looking at Jack, you would never guess that he survived a horrible past. He spent his life confined to a metal cage at a dog meat farm in South Korea. He, along with all of the other dogs there, were given little to no food and water and were poorly taken care of. Thankfully, the Humane Society International shut down that farm in March 2015 and flew all of the dogs to California.

Humane Society International worked together with Marin Humane Society to find a home for all of the rescued dogs. This lucky pup, Jack, got placed in a wonderful furever home. Not only does he now have a roof over his head, a warm bed to sleep in, and endless amount of love, he has also gained a best friend in a little girl…and she gained a best friend too! Learn more about his story in the video below:

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