Izzy Lost His Back Legs To Frostbite. But Thanks To His Loving Human Has A Warm and Bright Future!

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This poor baby goat lost his back legs to frostbite after he was born in -25 degree weather at a Colorado meat ranch. Breeders don’t schedule the births of baby goats for the winter, so the birth of this baby goat, named Izzy, was unexpected. He was born with White Muscle Disease, a paralysis which prevented him from being able to tuck his hind legs under him, which would’ve kept them warm. Because of this, the farmers considered putting him down.

Thankfully, a friend, named Rory Clow, offered to rehabilitate Izzy. After working with him for a week, he regained the use of his back legs; but after more frostbite, his hind legs had to eventually be amputated. He got prosthetics and has since walked 600 feet with them and is doing great! He now lives with Rory and is in great care. She bottle-feeds him every four hours and gives him lots of love! Izzy has also inspired Rory to create a farm animal rehabilitation and sanctuary called Happy Animal Project, Inc. She plans to hold education sessions and tours for the public. Once Izzy is fully grown, she’d like to see him inspiring people who also lost limbs.

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