Elderly Man Passes Away, Leaving His Dog Alone. Then Man’s Nursing Home Decides To Adopt Her

When a man named Jim went to live at Brookdale Kingston assisted living community in Tennessee, he refused to go without his furry best friend, Izzy. So, Izzy stayed there with him! Sadly, Jim passed away not too long after that, but Izzy remained at the nursing home.

The staff and residents there knew that the senior living place had become her home and that that was where she belonged. Everyone there loves Izzy, and she brings much-needed smiles to people’s faces.

She has now become the ‘official greeter,’ visiting people in their rooms and joining them in morning exercises. She sleeps in a bed behind the front desk, and runs to the front door to happily greet every visitor.

The love and affection that she has received from the nursing home residents is what helped Izzy cope after losing her owner, and the love from Izzy helps the residents in their everyday lives as well!

Sometimes when older owners pass away, their animals end up at shelters. Thankfully, Izzy has a forever home still with many people who love her!

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