What Happens When This Guy Says “It’s Miller Time” Will Have You In Hysterics!

Meet Ryder, the pet pooch who is TRULY man’s best friend and has proven himself so by fetching his owner Michael Impelluso a bottle of beer from the fridge. Using many different cameras throughout the house, Michael captured every bit of this cuteness at the pawfect camera angles!

First, Michael utters the magic words “It’s Miller Time!” and then with an exuberant bark Ryder is off excitedly to the kitchen. He then pulls open the conveniently placed towel on the refrigerator door, grabs the bottle of beer and brings it back to his beloved owner knowing that he has done well! He then receives a handsome and well-deserved reward :).

Now, I’m not sure about you but this certainly quenched my thirst for cuteness!

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