It is not working out with my newly adopted dog, what are my options to find him a more suitable home?

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The first thing you need to do is re-evaluate the situation. Why, exactly, isn’t it working out? Many problems can be easy fixes, so there are other options to explore before surrendering.

If surrender is your only option, you need to try your best to find a good home.

• Get help from shelters and rescue groups: Most shelters screen potential adopters to make sure that they will be able to provide a safe, responsible, and loving home for your pet. The easiest place to start your search for your local animal shelter is online at
• Advertise through friends, neighbors, and local veterinarians first, then try the newspaper, if all else fails.
• Visit the prospective new home in order to get a feel for the environment in which your pet will be living. Explain that the pet is part of your family and that you want to make sure she will be cared for properly and that you want to see how the animal responds to the new home.
• Check references: Ask to speak with at least three people who know the person.
• Carefully consider all the elements of the new home: Will the pet get along with small children? Is the family planning to keep the dog chained outside as a watch dog? Will the cat be kept only as a mouser? Does the family have a veterinary reference? Do not be shy about asking questions. Your pet’s life and happiness may depend on it.
• Ask for a valid form of identification (preferably a driver’s license). Record the number for your records and require the new owner to sign a contract stating the requirements of adoption upon which both parties agree. As part of the contract, require the new owner to contact you if he or she decides at some point that they must give up the pet.
• Have your pet neutered or spayed before he or she goes to the new home. This will make the animal more adoptable and help stop irresponsible breeding.

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