Is there a genetic component associated with wool-sucking in dogs?

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There is no genetic component with wool sucking as it is associated with dogs. This behavior mostly results from a puppy being separated from his mother too quickly, or not being allowed a proper weaning time. Any dog breed or type of dog can begin wool sucking, as it is more a result of an environment than any genetic predisposition.

Wool sucking is an action that mimics the sucking of a mother’s teat during the early stages of development. A puppy relies on the mother for sustenance, and for comfort. If a puppy is taken away from his mother within the first few weeks of his life, hemay seek other things to suck on in order to get that same feeling of sucking milk from the mother.

Wool is often times the most sought after material for puppies because it has the same feel as the mother’s nipples. However, a puppy may suck on any material that is within reach. Normally, the wool sucking habit will wind down after a puppy has reached a certain age. If it does not, or if you notice that your puppy has begun to ingest other types of material as a result of the sucking, you should see a veterinarian for professional help in stopping the problem.

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