Is it true that some apartment and condo developments require pet-owning residents to submit samples of their dogs’ feces for a DNA database?

Yes. Many property owners across the nation are requiring samples so they can track down those who consistently refuse to pick up after their animals. It has now become a common boiling- over point in the poop wars is planned subdivisions, residential developments, and apartment buildings, where dog owners and non-owners share close quarters, adjacent homes, and often common or commonly owned areas including roadways and landscaping.

Laws that require dog owners to clean up after their pets—so-called “pooper scooper laws”—have been enacted in many areas to help curb the messes dogs might leave behind. Not only do pooper scooper laws help keep an area cleaner, they may also help prevent the spread of fecal diseases. And dog owners should note: Even if your jurisdiction will not fine you, you still may face a legal penalty for leaving dog poop behind.

However, many do not clean up after their dogs, and the problem has gotten so bad in some places that one resident claims he had to buy a separate pair of shoes just to walk the property.
There are other problems as well, such as offending smells and cleanliness/safety issues.
So now, as part of some lease agreements, that DNA swabs are taken from a pet’s mouth and sent to a lab where the DNA is kept on file. Should a pet owner not pick up after their dog, the poop is sent into the lab to be tested for a match — and the guilty party is identified and fined. If the illegal poop matches a registered dog, the owner can be fined. If the problem persists, the animal can be confiscated or a lien placed on the property.

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