Is it safe to treat my cat to ice cream?

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While cats love to share in the treats that their owners indulge in, there are a few concerns about offering ice cream to your cat.

First, it‘s important to keep in mind that the majority of cats are actually lactose-intolerant. Allowing them to eat ice cream can result in the unfortunate gastrointestinal concerns commonly associated with lactose intolerance. While your cat might enjoy his or her ice cream treat, the consequences are likely to be painful and uncomfortable.

Another area of concern is that ice cream often contains more calories than your cat needs to consume. An overweight cat certainly doesn’t need the extra calories he or she will get from ice cream. Even a low fat or low sugar ice cream could contain more calories than is recommended for your cat.

A lot of ice creams also contain chocolate, which can be incredibly dangerous for your cat, even in a highly processed form.

There are frozen treats available for pets that can be found in most grocery or pet supply stores. However, you should give careful consideration to your cat’s needs before adding the extra calories into your feline’s diet. Your cat is unlikely to be craving ice cream or other sweet frozen treats without your encouragement, especially since cats do not possess the ability to taste sweetness.

Err on the side of caution, and avoiding giving ice cream to your cat, even as an occasional treat.

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