Is it safe to serve water from the tap to my dog?

For the most part, the answer to this question is “yes,” but it will also depend upon your water sources. Tap water comes from a number of natural and man-made sources. The most obvious of these would be lakes and rivers, but water also comes from man-made reservoirs, underground aquifers, natural springs and wells. Knowing where the water comes from, and the cleanliness of that source, allows the drinker to make an educated assessment of how safe tap water truly is.
Usually, even the purest sources of water contain trace amounts of dissolved salts and minerals. In fact, salts and minerals are often added back to the water once it has been filtered because these elements are responsible for the appealing taste of many brands of bottled water. However, other contaminants may find their way into the water which add nothing to the flavor and might be bad for your health. Check with your local water district to find out the exact composition of your water.
You should know that in developed countries, there are pretty strict regulations about what’s safe to drink and what’s not. You might, however, live in a hard-water region; that means it can have rust or some chemicals that, while not dangerous, could make the water taste less than appealing
Although water suppliers filter the water thoroughly and add a small amount of chlorine to the water supply to kill any nasty pathogens that may be present, this gives tap water the familiar “city” taste that most of us try to avoid—but even though the water might not taste like the natural spring it may come from, the added chlorine ensures that the tap water is safe to drink.
You can make extra sure the water is safe to drink, and you can even improve its taste by using water filters; they can be readily found at most grocery and home improvement stores. The water filters are easy to use and help remove many of the chemicals that give tap water its distinctive taste. Water filters can be installed directly on the tap, on the line supplying the water to your fridge and ice maker, or atop a reusable water jug.

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