Is it safe to give my dog ginger and in what form?

For years, humans have been taking ginger for a wide variety of stomach upsets, including motion sickness, to calm her when she’s stressed—and some even tout it as an aid for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

This is also a good remedy for dogs and aids, especially when fighting constipation. Insufficient exercise, lack of dietary fiber, low water intake and poor diet all contribute. Symptoms include general listlessness, lack of appetite, straining to defecate, and hard, dry-looking stools.

Some dogs tend to eat things that can cause constipation and even obstruction, such as paper, bones and other rubbish. Close observation will teach you what is normal for your dog and enable you to detect early signs of digestive problems. If you notice persistent vomiting and constipation for more than a day or two, or visible blood in the stool, call for immediate medical evaluation.
Ginger comes in the form of capsules, liquid, dried powder form, or fresh. (If you use fresh, put it sparingly on the food; some dogs don’t like the spicy taste.) You can also brew a very mild tea.
Ground ginger, a yellow-brown powder, is the form of this herb most readily available in supermarkets. It is said to have an “earthy” aroma and flavor, meaning that it smells a bit like good clean soil. This scent may make it more acceptable to a dog than the sharper taste of fresh ginger.
To make a tea, put five to eight slices of the ginger in a small pot with one-fourth cup water. Bring the mixture to a boil and continue to boil for about five minutes. Mix this with about 1/2 cup of wet dog food to mask the ginger flavor and feed it to your dog.
If you are feed slices of ginger or ginger capsules, simply wrap them in a slice of meat or hot dog. Give your dog at least two slices of ginger per 25 pounds of weight. Follow the dosage directions for the ginger capsules.

Be sure to consult with your veterinarian.

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