Is it safe to give my cat ginseng and in what form?

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While many think of cats as calm animals, sometimes they can get pretty stressed, such as when they go to the veterinary clinic or meet strangers entering their home. Then you get to play that game of hide ‘n seek, because a stressed cat can disappear faster than you can blink an eye. Many are now going toward the more natural and holistic remedies, rather than sedatives which could have a lot of side effects.
One such natural remedy is ginseng, a root that has been used in tea to help calm nerves and relieve stress. Because this an herb that is easy to take and digest in felines, some pet owners find its calming applications are useful. Additionally, there are no known side effects in cats who take ginseng. The herb can be administered whole and fresh, dried or in capsules.
More calming herbs include:
• Lavender: To help calm a stressed cat, you can place a drop of lavender essential oil on a favorite cat toy and let the cat play with it. This will immediately help calm down a stressed pet. The calming benefits of lavender are very well-known.
• Chamomile: Administer the herb in a cat’s food or make up a tea that can be diluted into the cat’s water.

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