Is it safe to feed my dog chicken leg bones?

There is an ongoing debate over whether or not dogs should be given chicken leg bones. Some owners will remain steadfast that chicken leg bones pose no issue, while others claim that chicken leg bones can be extremely dangerous for dogs because the bones can splinter and cause choking.

Cooked animal bones have the tendency to splinter, causing problems in a dog’s mouth, throat and stomach. While it’s not likely that these problems will occur each and every time a dog eats a chicken leg bone, there is a likelihood it will occasionally happen.

If you do feed your dog chicken leg bones, be sure to closely monitor your dog while he is eating and after he finishes. Make sure that he does not demonstrate any signs of distress that indicate the bone could be stuck in his throat or has obtained cuts in his mouth. Also monitor stool for blood or runniness, as this could be an indictor of digestive problems resulting from the chicken leg bone.

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