Is it better to board a dog or hire a pet sitter?

There are many factors to consider when determining if it is better to board a dog or hire a pet sitter. Among the considerations are the care needed for the dog, the length of stay, and the quality of the boarding facility. While some boarding facilities are more like day spas for dogs, others are lacking in the amenities and care that could make the experience not very enjoyable for your pooch.

If you do not wish to board your dog, then hiring a professional pet sitter is an excellent option. Look for a pet sitter who has the credentials that you find important, such as a background check, references, any specialty training, reviews and experience. You will most likely be able to interview the pet sitter prior to your trip and arrange a meeting between the pet sitter and your dog to make sure it is a good fit.

A pet sitter can either take your dog to their home, or watch your dog in your own home. The second option is particularly helpful for dogs with behavioral issues or health issues. Older dogs, or dogs that behave poorly when in a new environment, could greatly benefit from having a house sitter stay with them and care for them while owners are away.

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