Is honeysuckle dangerous to my dog?

Every part of the honeysuckle plant is highly toxic to dogs.

Honeysuckles are a gorgeous addition to your garden and, for the most part, are okay for humans to ingest. However, honeysuckles are poisonous to dogs who are very attracted to the plant’s sweet smell, stickiness and enticing aroma.

Let’s face it: Dogs love to munch on plants anyway, but this one is even more attractive to them and, since prevention is always better than treatment, you should try avoiding planting it at all. If you already have these plants, though, here’s everything you should know:

• There are many varieties of this plant; they can grow as either shrubs or vines and they can product blue, black and red berries that are decorated with bell-shaped flowers.
• The vine and flowers of honeysuckle plant produces a secretion that froths when combined with your dog’s bodily fluids. In turn, this results in the intestines being filled with gasses, causing the dog considerable pain and discomfort, as well as digestive trouble.
• The stem and flowers of the honeysuckle plant produces something called cyanogenic glycosides, which also combines with bodily fluids. This particular substance, though, can even froth with the dog’s blood, causing red blood cells to burst, which in turn deprives the dog’s body of oxygen. Moreover, when it combines with the acids in a dog’s stomach, it turns into the poison cyanide.
• The colorful berries of the honeysuckle plant contain carotenoids, which are generally fine for humans, but toxic to dogs who are unable to digest them, causing discomfort.
Symptoms of honeysuckle plant poisoning include:
• Discomfort and loss of appetite
• Thirst
• Diarrhea and vomiting
• Depression, confusion
• Irregular heartbeat
• Stomach rupture
• Coma
• Death
If you think your dog has been poisoned, seek immediate veterinary care or call the national ASPCA Poison Control Hotline staffed 24-7 by veterinary toxicologists.

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