Is grass safe for my cat to eat grass?

There’s no evidence suggesting that it’s harmful for a cat to eat grass.
However, while grass-eating itself doesn’t really pose a danger, you still need to supervise this activity and how must grass your cat eats.
Here’s a list of things to keep in mind:
• Toxic plants, pesticides and other chemicals. Make sure you remove all plants that could be toxic, because even indoor cats love to nibble. If you aren’t sure about a plant’s status, check with your local garden, veterinarian or the ASPCA. Poison Control Hotline.
Your neighbors might treat their grass with pesticides, herbicides or chemicals (removing crabgrass is especially common.) One way around this is to grow the cat grass yourself. See our article with directions on growing your own cat grass.
• A nutritional deficiency could possibly be present. Your cat’s craving for grass can give an important look into the workings of the body. While grass eating is normal for cats, your cat may be lacking a vitamin, mineral, enzyme or amino acid if she seems to be doing this in excess. You should also know that grass juice contains folic acid, the same essential nutrient found in their mother’s milk. Folic acid helps to oxygenate the blood, and there may be other vitamins and minerals she’s after.
• Boredom. Is she getting enough stimulation and activity? Sometimes boredom can lead to chewing—and that can result in things like counter surfing and a whole lot of other behavior that could pose a danger. Maybe try giving her a food puzzle. They’re those toys with openings where you “hide” food. She’ll need to work at it for 20 to 30 minutes to get at the food and most cats love the stimulation and challenge.
• Illness. This is really something to watch, because she could be trying to self-medicate when what she really needs is medical treatment. A lot of cats throw up after eating grass, which removes the offending object, but it could just be masking something a little more serious like a GI or liver inflammation.

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