Is a senior dog more expensive to care for than a younger dog?

A senior dog can be more expensive to take care of than a younger one, but an older dog can be healthier and more active than one expects.

In their golden years, it might be wise to start supplementing a dog’s diet with glucosamine and chondroitin, as both work to maintain healthy joints. Neither is expensive, and both can be found in senior pet foods.

In the final stage of their lives, as with humans, dogs are likely to have more significant medical expenses. The majority of the cost is usually not in treating the medical issues that arise, but in testing for them. Such testing is not necessary except as part of a regular vet visit, unless your dog appears to be uncomfortable or exhibits major changes in diet, behavior or appearance. In these cases, testing is wise, as it can prolong your dog’s life and physical comfort.

Health issues are part of a pet’s life cycle, and should be planned for financially if you adopt a dog beyond a certain age. With proper treatment, you can still spend many quality years with your senior dog.

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