Irish Wolfhound

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When you see the Irish Wolfhound, you will be impressed by the size of this breed. Standing anywhere from 30 to 34 inches high at their shoulder, this breed has a take-charge attitude. With a greyhound shape and muscular build, the Irish Wolfhound is a force to be reckoned with. Known in the past as an Irish elk and wolf hunter, the Irish Wolfhound of today is often seen as a family pet.
You will often see the Irish Wolfhound in various colors including gray, black, brindle, fawn, red and white, to name a few.
Although the Irish Wolfhound of the past was a fierce hunter, the Irish Wolfhound of today is a family companion. Keep in mind that the Irish Wolfhound will still have an eye out for prey so be sure to keep your pet on a tight leash when outdoors for walks. The large size of the Irish Wolfhound commands that the home environment will accommodate their large frame and the yard will be the perfect spot to run around and play.
If you are concerned about grooming issues when you think of bringing a new dog into your home, the Irish Wolfhound offers a non-tedious grooming routine. With his short coat of fur, the Irish Wolfhound just needs occasional brushing to keep his fur looking as nice as possible.
The Irish Wolfhound is an intelligent dog and will respond well to his owner’s commands with some bit of training. If you are looking for a strong and kind breed to bring into your home, consider the Irish Wolfhound.

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