Irish Water Spaniel

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With his unique coat, consisting mostly of ringlets of curls with intermittent straight fur, the Irish Water Spaniel has a style all his own. This water dog gets along fine in most types of weather thanks to his water-repellant double coat and thick fur. Used as a hunting dog but also popular in the show ring, the Irish Water Spaniel is a spaniel of many talents.
Irish Water Spaniels are of a liver color and have a dense coat of fur. This breed stands approximately 21 to24 inches high at their shoulder and weighs between 45 to 65 pounds.
When you bring an Irish Water Spaniel into your home, be ready to run with your energetic pup. This dog is extremely active and likes to be outdoors as much as possible. Fortunately, the Irish Water Spaniel is always eager to listen to his owner and will train quite easily, whether you want to do so for hunting purposes or simply to have a well-behaved pet in the home. The Irish Water Spaniel is also a great family pet for individuals with allergies due to his hypoallergenic fur.
When it comes to grooming the Irish Water Spaniel, this may be a bit more tedious than with some other pups. The Irish Water Spaniel has that thick, double coat of fur with the mass amounts of curls. This means that frequent weekly brushing and good grooming habits are essential with this breed.
The Irish Water Spaniel makes a great pet and hunting companion. If you are bringing an Irish Water Spaniel into your home, make sure that you can provide your new pet with frequent exercise, plenty of attention and lots of grooming opportunities.

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