Irish Terrier

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As one of the oldest terrier breeds, the Irish Terrier is quite a popular one. This breed was often used as a vermin hunter and farm dog and worked diligently to get the job done. With his regal stance and good temperament, the Irish Terrier is easily trained and follows commands with ease.
The Irish Terrier has a short, wiry coat which is red in color tone. This breed often stands around 18 inches high at the shoulder and can weigh approximately 25 to 27 pounds.
In addition to being a working dog, the Irish Terrier makes an excellent family pet as well. He will guard the family and gets along well with children if brought up alongside them. Loyalty is another great characteristic of the Irish Terrier and this breed is fiercely loyal to his owner. Although a smaller dog breed, the Irish Terrier needs a good amount of exercise as he is used to working on the farm and outdoors and is used to regular exercise on a daily basis.
Living arrangements for the Irish Terrier can be smaller than with some other dogs due to his small stature. However, frequent walks are a must with the Irish Terrier. If you have a fenced-in yard, your pup will love running around outside. As for grooming, the Irish Terrier has a short-hair coat that just needs weekly brushing. You can opt for a professional grooming visit if you want more extensive grooming services completed for your dog.
If you want an energetic, friendly and hardworking breed, the Irish Terrier will fit this category of attributes perfectly. Whether you want a working dog or a family dog, the Irish Terrier can be either or both.

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