Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a popular dog breed in the United States. This dog is often seen on the hunt or lounging in the family home. The Irish Setter is a strong breed which is fun, gentle and intelligent.
With his solid red, long coat, the Irish Setter is a beauty to see and you will often see this dog in the show ring as well. This dog breed stands tall at approximately 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder and can weigh around 60 to 70 pounds.
Families love to add the Irish Setter to their home as this breed has a very outgoing personality and the ability to acclimate well to almost any type of home setting. Although Irish Setters do best in a larger home setting, a smaller home is okay so long as the Irish Setter gets to go outdoors on a daily basis and work their energy out. As they are bird dogs, they love a good walk each day and enjoy the exercise as well as simply being outside.
When you have an Irish Setter, be prepared to take time to groom this type of dog on a consistent basis. Since the Irish Setter has a longer length coat, he needs frequent brushing and trimming. The coat is glossy in consistency which looks wonderful so long as it is taken care of as much as possible. A trip to the professional dog groomer every so often will work wonders as well with the Irish Setter and his lovely fur.
Irish Setters are ideal dogs for hunters as much as they are for family members. No matter what type of purpose you want to bring an Irish Setter into your life for, you can count on having an ideal canine friend for life.

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