Irish Red and White Setter

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Some may think that the Irish Red and White Setter just means that an Irish Setter has a different color scheme, but this is not the case at all. The Irish Red and White Setter is a separate breed from the Irish Setter although it does share some similar attributes. This breed is a gun dog and has many great characteristics, including strength and intelligence.
The Irish Red and White Setter, as one would imagine by its name, has a white coat with red patches of color throughout it. This dog breed stands approximately 22.5 to 26 inches high at the shoulder.
As a family dog, the Irish Red and White Setter is kind and friendly. These dogs are also quite brave as well and are great family protectors. Since they are gun dogs, it stands to reason that they will enjoy a good amount of exercise on a daily basis. Frequent walks or just letting them out in a fenced-in yard to get the necessary exercise works well.
As for any grooming issues, the Irish Red and White Setter does not need a tedious grooming routine to keep his coat looking nice. The Irish Red and White Setter has a medium length coat which can do fine with a shampoo every so often and a trim on an occasional basis so that the fur does not get tangled and maintains a neat appearance.
Whether you are searching for a hunting companion or a family dog to add to your home, the Irish Red and White Setter is a good choice. This breed responds well to training and is a good natured dog overall.

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