Woman Saves an Abandoned Cat on a Busy Interstate

It was a day of errands for Alex de Ponte until something interesting caught her eye while driving on the interstate. She was able to spot a black cat on the side of the road. The situation was worrisome since it is dangerous for animals to hang out near roadways — especially if it’s a busy interstate. Alex couldn’t just stop on the side, as she was in the opposite lane. She decided to finish her errand first and check back on the cat on her way home.

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As if the cat knew someone was waiting for it, Alex saw the cat again after picking up a bed frame. Good thing the cat was still hiding in the same spot as the last time Alex saw it. The feline appeared scared, and it greeted Alex with a hiss due to anxiety. It was frightened and seemed like it was trying to protect itself, but Alex was patient enough to wait for the cat to let its guard down. She knows how anxiety works in animals — sweet talks and her patience won the cat over. As soon as the cat showed signs of trust, she brought it to her car and drove somewhere safe.

The kind-hearted lady shared her experience and the cat’s condition on TikTok. According to one of her TikTok videos, the cat looks healthy, but it was only her thick fur disguising an undernourished body. When Alex touched her, she could easily feel the feline’s skin and bones. The cat was indeed malnourished. After rescuing her, Alex made sure that the cat was given food and water. Also, a vet appointment was prioritized to take care of any other illnesses that need attention.

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“We’ve been calling her Arcy because that’s the name of the street overpass that I used to remember where to look for her on my way home from picking up the bed frame,” Alex shared. Arcy and her rescuer have built a connection — the cat was thankful for Alex’s efforts. Aside from a vet checkup, Alex called a local rescue group to set them up with Arcy. The cat has no microchip yet, and she is available for adoption.

Arcy is a viral cat on TikTok, and she has already won the hearts of social media users. A lot of people were thankful for Alex’s efforts in giving Arcy a chance in life and getting a proper home. Alex has always shared her genuine love for animals on her socials — aside from TikTok, she is on Instagram. You can see how she’s a blessing to the animals around her and how they have become a part of her purpose in life.

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