Rescue Workers Find Meek and Abused Mom and Calf Who Remain Inseparable Despite Traumatic Injuries

Animal Aid Unlimited workers in India found this poor mother cow and her little calf wandering through hot and dusty streets while suffering from festering abuse related wounds. The mom had a huge, open gash under her armpit, and the young calf had a tightly embedded rope cutting into the flesh of his neck.

Image Credit Animal Aid Unlimited

Image Credit Animal Aid Unlimited

It was obvious that these two had been living in pain for a long time. Their wounds had clearly progressed to an extreme stage. The high temperatures, lack of water, and the flies attracted to their open cuts and gashes only increased the torment experienced by this helpless pair. This meek and sweet mom and baby remained inseparable through all of their suffering. Unless they received immediate treatment, their prognosis was dim due to the severity of their wounds and the risk of infection.

Workers helped mom and baby into a rescue vehicle and got them to a safe treatment facility. There, a team of rescuers acted with diligence and skill to begin alleviating the suffering of these sweet creatures. The workers comforted and reassured mom with kind words and gentle pats while her shocking wound was cleaned and dressed.


The little calf was very frightened, and the workers did their best to calm him while using a scalpel to free him of the rope that was tightly cutting into the flesh of his neck. They then cleaned and wrapped his neck in gauze so he could begin to get healthy.

After the lifesaving procedures, the mom and baby needed two months to heal. Both are now living well and enjoying a peaceful and compassion filled life at a sanctuary where they remain inseparable.


“Around the world, cows are treated as if their feelings just don’t matter, but look at how much these two love each other. It does matter,” one Animal Aid Unlimited rescue worker said about the mom and baby. The cows, who were named Bee and Honey, are now able to feel health and safety for the first time with plenty of grass, water, and new animal friends in their beautiful animal sanctuary home.

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