Inmates In Florida Kept Shelter Dogs Calm During The 4th Of July Fireworks

There are plenty of reasons to love the month of July. It’s right in the middle of summer. The weather lends itself perfectly to beach days and backyard BBQs. And there is the Fourth of July. Most of us enjoy the festivities associated with the holiday, particularly the fireworks.

Unfortunately for our pets, the Fourth of July fireworks are the bane of their existence. Since dogs hear everything much louder than we do, it’s no surprise that they detest the sounds made by fireworks. As a result, many of our dogs experience fear and anxiety around the Fourth of July with all the commotion that comes with the noisy holiday.

For the dogs in the care of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Center, they had some company to help them get through the scariness of the peak firework hours. The inmates from the Brevard County Jail spent time with the pooches, keeping them calm by feeding them, playing with them, reading to them, and just being there for them.

On the sheriff office’s Facebook page they explained that they didn’t just want to help their animals stay calm, but also give the inmates something to do. The office further noted that by giving the inmates a chance to feel like they’ve got a purpose and are cultivating empathy, they’re hoping they can be integrated back into society once their sentences are up.

The idea for a smoother transition into society was actually an idea introduced to the sheriff’s office by the public. As a result, this is the second year in a row that the inmates from the jail have been looking after the dogs during the Fourth of July.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote a message of thanks to his Facebook, expressing gratitude towards all those at the Animal Care Center as well as the inmates. He stated the importance of looking after the dogs during the holiday. He ended his thanks by expressing gratefulness to the community for making their area “a great place to call home.”

Fireworks always cause anxiety and stress in pets, so it was nice to know that the dogs of Brevard County had someone to look after them. Even shelter dogs deserve to be loved and cared for during this time of year.

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