An Injured Pup Was Seeking Shelter In A Temple. When These Men Showed Up, His Prayers Were Answered!

A severely injured puppy had gone to an ancient temple to seek shelter. When Animal Aid (a rescue organization in India) found him, he was covered in blood and in critical condition. He was sitting in the corner, hunching over, and looked very frightened.

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When they approached him, he didn’t even move, and they allowed him to pet him. It was probably the first time he had felt love in so long.

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They picked him up and brought him back to their shelter to give him the proper medical attention that he needed. He had lost so much blood that he was severely dehydrated. They put him on IV fluids for days before he was even stabilized.

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They cleaned him up, gave him shots and medications, and dressed his deep wounds for weeks. He grew stronger every day. This dog, who they named Punkin, was once dying in a corner all alone. Now, he is happy, healthy and all smiles with lots of tail wags!

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