Nobody Wanted This Injured Cat. But When These Two Met? INSTANT Connection!

This cat, a Siamese mix named Adeline, was found as a stray, alone on the railroad tracks. She was badly injured with almost all of the skin missing from her paw. She was brought into Berkeley Humane Society to get taken care of and received the medical attention that she needed. Although she was in the process of healing, they had a hard time finding her a forever home; nobody wanted to adopt her.

Luckily, Claire McDonald, a retired registered nurse, saw Adeline and knew she could give her a loving forever home. McDonald had a Siamese cat, named Franklin, but he passed away two years prior. Adeline was the purrfect kitty to help fill this lonely void. After receiving proper care from McDonald, Adeline was fully healed within six weeks. The two of them enjoy each other’s company and get along great!

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