This Man Has Devoted The Last 10 Years To Feeding The Birds. When I Saw How Many There Were, I Couldn’t Believe It!

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Every morning India’s “Bird Man” is hard at work before most of us even think of getting out of bed. He’s devoted his life (and half of his income) to feeding the 4,000 parakeets that come to his home every morning. He gently lays their food on wood planks on top of his house, awaiting their arrival. Then, right on schedule they flock to the planks to eat their fill before they fly off.

It started after a Tsunami, with just a couple of Parakeets. He saw them, and fed them as a way to restore his own hope. Over time though, the two became a thousand, then a thousand became four thousand. Now the birds run his life. Still, even as he talks about being trapped by his responsibility to the birds you can see the pride and love in his eyes.

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