Incredible Reunion! Lost Dog Reunites With Human. Proof That We Need To Be EXTRA Careful With Our Pets

Please remember when watching this video, Dora was away from her human for 7 months and traveled a great distance. You can see the trauma and her fear. It takes a bit to really comprehend that she is being taken back home but once she does, the expression in her face completely changes. Her body language changes too once her leash is placed on her and she sees that they are leaving the shelter together.

Microchipping Dora saved her life. You can see being at a shelter, lost from her family, was stripping away who she is bit by bit. Shelters are often overcrowded and very loud. They are unfamiliar and not like home at all. We are blessed to have these places but they are a last resort. Please do all you can to ensure that your dog stays with your family at all times.

While I love this video, I also ache because things like this happen too often. It’s when Dora realizes she will no longer be away from home, she truly feels she is found.

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