In determining if a dog is senile, what does DISH stand for?

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As dogs age and become senile, changes in their behavior will help indicate how the senility is affecting your dog’s mental and physical state. Senile dogs that display DISH, or Disorientation, Interaction changes, Sleep Changes and House soiling, are likely suffering from senility or Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome.

DISH refers to the behavioral changes that occur when a dog ages. A senile dog will become disoriented and perhaps no longer remember daily routines, respond to its name or know where things are; they may get stuck in unusual places and stare blankly. Changes in interactions with family members and visitors are also a probable occurrence.

Senile dogs will commonly experience changes in sleep patterns. Older dogs sleep more during the day and less at night, when they will often wander or pace aimlessly. A senile dog is more likely have accidents in the home, due to loss of bowel control.

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