In comparing dogs, why are cats more place oriented than people oriented?

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Cats are one of the most misunderstood animals on the planet.

While canines are pack animals, and will do just about anything to place the pack leader, cats are not, so you really can’t get them to do something they don’t want to–unless, of course, you have some great treat in your hand. But that isn’t to say that cats aren’t people-oriented; in fact, many are affectionate and playful, and many of them even get along well with their canine housemates.

They just communicate in a different manner than dogs.

Most of the misunderstanding seems to stem from the fact that cats pay close attention to detail. That is genetic, and their ancestors in the wild needed to be especially observant so they could outwit her prey. This was necessary to survive, and somehow that’s led many to believe that cats are independent and self-sufficient, not needing any human companionship.

Even though the cat doesn’t live in the wild anymore, she does have this genetic predisposition plus the inability to interpret according to environment—she sees everything in relation to the wild. What that means is what you see as a minor thing can push her over the edge with worry; for instance, if you just move a few pieces of furniture in a room, she’ll see it as her entire house disappearing; if her food bowl is moved just a little, she’ll see it as a threat to her food—and then she’ll act accordingly to survive, such as running to hide or even refusing to let you touch her. She’ll obsess over it so much that humans will interpret that a general disinterest and distrust of people, when what she actually could use is some human reassurance.

It’s important to note, however, that a new toy won’t set off any negative reaction. A new toy is shiny and sparkly and fascinating. Anything else is connected to food and safety—and that’s a concern to the cat.

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