In cold weather, what are the pros/cons of fitting my dog with booties?

The right dog bootie will provide a thick layer between the ground and the dog’s paw, protecting it from ice, cold, salt and chemicals and broken glass and rough terrain.

There’s even an extra layer of protection because salt tends to hide between the toes so it can still be there, even when you think you’re washing the paw thoroughly. When licked, it causes a lot of harm, making the dog sick or even poisoning it.

Moreover, booties will save you time because you won’t have to keep washing the paws each and every time you walk in the house.
Your dog needs to get used to wearing them or she’ll kick them off. To get them on for the first time, it might be better to have another person nearby who can hold a treat by the dog’s nose while you roll it over on its back. You can also hold the dog in a standing position and lift first one front leg, then the other to fit the shoes, which should slip on quickly and easily. Avoid catching the dog’s nails, especially the dew claws further up the leg, because this could hurt and upset the dog.
Then, to be sure the dog won’t kick them off, distract her by playing games or taking her or a walk; just don’t give your dog the opportunity to chew at the booties or kick them off.
Also, be sure to measure carefully or they’ll be uncomfortable, won’t perform well, and will possibly cut off circulation. If too large, they might trip the dog.

When purchasing booties be mindful of:

• Size: Measure the length of the paw, starting behind the large base pad and ending at the tip of the toenails. Measure the width from side to side across the widest part of the food, when the paw is standing flat on the ground with the toes splayed.
• Type: The shoe should be appropriate for the dog, the environment and the weather in your region. Summer shoes are lighter than winter shoes, which should be waterproof and have a thicker sole to protect paws from ice and snow.

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