Truffles The Cat Is Teaching Self-Conscious Kids That Glasses Aren’t So Bad.

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Even if you don’t own a cat, you’re probably aware of their notoriously discerning personalities. When it comes down to it, most felines won’t do something unless, well, they absolutely want to. But, of course, there is always the exception to the rule, and Truffles the cat is just that.

Danielle Crull is an optometrist at a children’s eye care center, A Child’s Eyes. Every day, she treats kids who struggle when they are told they need to start wearing glasses or patches, so Danielle came up with an idea and tasked her cat Truffles to help out.

Photo: Facebook/A Child’s Eyes

Two years ago, Danielle rescued Truffles from a local shelter and began teaching her some fun tricks. Unlike many cats, Truffles was all about putting on a show for Danielle if it meant she got a treat in the end. Soon, the cat was high-fiving, fist-bumping, and shaking hands with the best of them.

After seeing how great Truffles was at learning new tricks, Danielle thought she may be able to get the cat to wear glasses. To her total shock, Truffles was all about them! So, she was officially hired at A Child’s Eyes to help kids get comfortable and excited about their new eyewear.

Photo: Facebook/A Child’s Eyes

Danielle and Truffles didn’t stop there either. According to the optometrist, three to four percent of all kids have a lazy eye that requires them to wear an eye patch. It’s an excellent treatment plan that helps kids avoid surgery to correct the lazy eye, but not every little one is thrilled about the idea of wearing a patch — until they see Truffles with one.

Photo: Facebook/A Child’s Eyes

Truffles is in the office five days a week to help kiddos with their new style, but Danielle has gone even further to help kids (and their parents) get comfortable with glasses by regularly posting videos of Truffles doing everyday things with her glasses on, like playing on an iPad, properly taking care of her glasses, and even her process in deciding which frames are right for her.

Photo: Facebook/A Child’s Eyes

Truffles has become quite the internet celebrity, with her videos racking up views from people far beyond clients at A Child’s Eye. It seems the cat (and her owner) have found a way to get kids excited for glasses — and entertain the rest of us while they’re at it.

Check out some of Truffles’s tricks in the video below, and be sure to share this story with your friends (especially the ones who claim cats aren’t as cool as dogs!).

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