Man Surprises Girlfriend With “Bouquet Of Puppies” During Epic Marriage Proposal.

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Most women will never forget the moment when their spouse proposed, but that wasn’t good enough for Maurice Goldstein.

Maurice knew he wanted to pop the question to Laura Stamper, his girlfriend of over 4 years, but he also knew he wanted to make the event as incredible as he possibly could. Working secretly, Maurice enlisted the help of Laura’s friend and a local animal charity to orchestrate an incredible marriage proposal that should make men everywhere step up their engagement game!

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Maurice and Laura live in New York City but were planning a trip to Los Angeles, California, over Thanksgiving. Laura is a tremendous fan of animals, so much so that she included lots of fun anecdotes about dogs and dog-related events in the book she recently published. Working with Laura’s friend Rebecca Yale, an L.A.-based photographer, Maurice invited therapy dogs from Pack of Hearts to join them on a hike in the canyons outside of the city.

Maurice took Laura on a hike, and when they got to the lookout point Maurice and his helpers began unraveling the magical moment they’d been working to create for Laura. First, she encountered a path of rose petals that led to a beautiful vantage point. Waiting at the lookout spot was an a cappella choir singing her favorite Disney songs!

Maurice then got down on one knee to ask the all-important question — and she said yes!

It was then time for the coup de grace… 16 happy, healthy, furry therapy dogs flooded the bride and groom-to-be and smothered them with puppy kisses!

“It was incredibly meaningful,” Laura gushed. “Although some wondered if there were too many elements during the proposal (a cappella, hike, rose petals, loose dogs?) Maurice executed it perfectly. (He even hired Task Rabbits to park in front of the hiking trail to save spots for people who were involved.) It was all incredibly meaningful and we then celebrated with both of our families at a restaurant after.”

“Too many elements?” Pshaw! Besides, everything’s better with dogs! And look at how happy Laura is!

Laura’s friend Rebecca snapped a series of incredibly beautiful photographs of the big moment, so they’re sure to cherish this memory forever. Great job, Maurice! What a wonderful way to celebrate a special moment in your lives. Congratulations, guys!

Watch a short video of Laura and Maurice’s canine cheering section below, and be sure to share this fun story with others!

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