Adorable Home Video Shows 5-Yr-Old Soothing Horse & It’s Melting Everyone’s Hearts.

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If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s footage of children or animals being their adorable selves.

One mom recently treated netizens with an explosion of heart-melting cuteness that includes both. In a short home video that has since gone viral, Samantha Buncher filmed her five-year-old inside a horse stable.

Photo: Facebook/Samantha Victoria Buncher

Samantha’s daughter, Lilly Rae, absolutely loves horses. As such, one of her favorite activities is to visit with the gentle giants at the Sky High Equestrian Center in Tomball, Texas, where her mom works as a trainer. But the little girl has a special connection with one equine in particular — Mac, a sweet white horse for sale at the center.

One evening, Samantha witnessed the most precious interaction between the two that she just had to share. Lilly Rae had her arms around Mac’s head, which was pressed into her chest. In the video, she hugs him close, stroking the sides of his head and stopping every once in a while to shower him with kisses.

Photo: Facebook/Samantha Victoria Buncher

“He loves Lilly Rae,” Samantha coos as she records. Indeed, the horse clearly enjoys his tiny friend, who has a wonderfully calming effect on him.

Lilly Rae pulls away for a moment and walks over to her mom, adorably proclaiming, “I gave him a Cheez-It and he didn’t even eat my fingers!”

Photo: Facebook/Samantha Victoria Buncher

Samantha laughs and notices Mac reaching his head out of the stall, searching for the little girl. “He wants more kisses!” she says.

When Samantha initially uploaded the video to Facebook, she was just trying to find Mac a home, writing, “Can’t believe this boy is still here! Take this super sweet Irish boy home.” She probably had no idea the video would go on to be shared by various news outlets and garner millions of views. People couldn’t get over how cute the pair are together.

Photo: Facebook/Samantha Victoria Buncher

“OMG that is the sweetest, it just melts my heart, that big sweet horse just adores her and her snuggles,” one viewer wrote.

Another suggested, “Maybe he’s supposed to stay with her and not be sold.”

That last commenter may have a point, Samantha. Either way, we hope Mac gets to enjoy lots more hugs and kisses from his favorite human in the meantime.

Try not to squeal when you check out the footage below and share their sweet bond to make others smile.

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