Baby Deer Swept Into Storm Drain Is Saved By Heroic First Responders.

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Have you ever looked outside during a nasty storm and wondered where wild animals take cover? After all, they don’t receive the warnings we do to be careful when there are high winds, floods, and other natural disasters.

That’s how a baby deer in California found itself in a frightening situation. After a heavy rainfall, it wound up stuck in a storm drain with no way to escape. Thankfully, a few local first responders were there to save the day!

Screen Shot: Twitter/North County Fire Authority

In a video shared on Twitter, we can hear the fawn crying in the background while a firefighter from the North County Fire Authority struggles to delicately remove it from the storm drain. He’s joined by two Pacifica police officers, who do their best to support him.

They all make one thing perfectly clear: No matter what happens, they are not giving up on the poor deer!

Screen Shot: Twitter/North County Fire Authority

After a bit of maneuvering, the three of them finally calm the sweet baby down enough to remove it from its temporary prison. As the stunned fawn processes everything that just happened, it allows the brave rescuers to comfortingly hold and pet it.

Photo: Facebook/North County Fire Authority

Ever since the moving clip was posted online, the California community has praised these first responders for their determination and kindness to a creature in need. Thanks to them, the fawn is just fine and has another chance to grow up and live a full life!

Screen Shot: Twitter/North County Fire Authority

What a great reminder that we need to look out for the animals in our communities as well as our fellow humans. We’re so grateful to these men for working together to save this fawn.

Check out their sweet rescue mission in the video below, and be sure to spread the love by sharing this story with your friends.

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