Energetic Dog Hilariously Fails His Service Dog Training Test & We’re So In Love.

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Let’s face it, we’re not all cut out to be in the service industry. As it turns out, not all dogs are suitable for service work, either.

In a video that’s going viral online, a dog named Ryker is trying his hardest to become a certified service dog with Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky. Ryker is a sweet German shepherd who really wants to please his trainers, but at the same time, he also really wants to chase any tennis ball that comes his way. Like, a lot.

Screen Shot: Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

Being a service dog isn’t easy. These highly trained animals are tasked with helping people with all sorts of health ailments, including physical, sensory, intellectual, or even emotional disabilities. This video, while funny, also sheds some light on what goes into training these doggy helpers, and it’s pretty intensive!

First, we see Ryker attempting to move an empty wheelchair around, only to chew on it and topple it instead. Next comes a man using a walker with tennis balls on the legs, a pretty standard piece of medical equipment that service animals have to get used to. Well… you could probably guess where this is going as soon as we said, “tennis balls,” right?

Screen Shot: Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

Yup, that’s Ryker attacking those balls for all he’s worth, an act that would send his hapless patient sprawling if this were a real-life situation. You can even see the other service animals looking at him with exasperation in the background.

Next, Ryker is supposed to be helping a man in a wheelchair, but the second someone throws a ball, he’s outta there!

Screen Shot: Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

Oh, Ryker!

The training facility uploaded this video to their Facebook page along with the caption:

“Every dog has a purpose 🙂. Clearly Ryker’s purpose is not to be a service dog. Check out this video documenting his good hearted attempt 😳. Disclaimer: This Training was attempted by trained professionals 😳do not try at home”

Screen Shot: Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

It’s a good thing he’s cute! Something tells us that rather than becoming a service dog, Ryker is going to make a wonderful companion animal for some lucky family. Hopefully, it will be a family who has lots of time and energy to throw tennis balls for this energetic guy!

Watch Ryker totally failing his service dog aptitude test in the video below, and please share with a friend who could use a good laugh.

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