Work-From-Home Dad Keeps Awarding Dog “Employee Of The Quarter” & His Reasons Are Adorable.

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When it comes to work, it’s always easier if you get along with your coworkers.

When Michael Reeg, a district sales manager for a drawer slide manufacturer, first started working from home instead of from the office, it took some getting used to. As anyone who works remotely can tell you, it’s sometimes hard to get used to the flow of managing your own work day. Thankfully, Michael had one very friendly coworker to keep him company.

Meet Meeka, one of just three employees in Michael’s company.

“Transitioning to a home-based position was quite a change,” Michael said, describing his Woodstock, Georgia home office. “It’s quiet here. You need to get yourself fired up and excited about the day. Having a faithful companion in the office certainly helps.”

Every day, Meeka joins Michael in his office as he conducts the day’s business. Her specialties are taking naps, giving snuggles, and dropping her favorite tennis ball into Michael’s lap at regular intervals. She’s so dedicated that she’ll even show up for work when Michael is out of town.

“There are times that I’ll even talk to her as I work through a problem or map out a customer solution. I try out my sales pitches and presentations on her. She’s not easily impressed or swayed. All she hears is ‘blah, blah, blah, Meeka’ — but she likes to hear my voice and I love that she pays attention. Having her in my office all day is something that we both look forward to.”

Michael definitely noticed how devoted his workplace companion was during the hours of 9 – 5, so one day he decided to reward her in the only way he knows how: by naming her Employee of the Quarter.

“If my office door happens to be shut she will spend the day laying in front of the door, just in case I’m really in there,” he said. “In my opinion, that earned her the title of Employee of the Quarter.”

Michael even made her a formal plaque to hang on the wall to commemorate the honor.

Michael’s two daughters, Kennedy and Madison, were not the least bit surprised that their dad was a bit ‘extra’ about his canine coworker.

“I was not surprised at all when my dad first showed me the framed picture of Meeka as Employee of the Quarter because Meeka is very loyal to my dad and his (their) work,” Madison explained. “I just thought it was hilarious.”

Unsurprisingly since there aren’t many other colleagues with whom to compete for the title, Meeka has won this award every quarter for the past few years.

Even the big bosses at Michael’s company agree that Meeka plays an important role in Michael’s work day.

“He sends an update after every quarter. Meeka is an outstanding support to Michael and his work,” said a spokesperson for Accuride International. “Dogs are the best.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Keep up the great work, Meeka! If more jobs would allow these kinds of coworkers, going to work would be a whole lot more fun for everyone.

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