9-Yr-Old Artist Is Painting Pet Portraits To Help Animals In Need.

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Pavel Abramov could easily turn his paintings into a lucrative career, but instead he’s using his artistic powers for good.

At just 9 years old, the Russian boy has already proven himself to be better with a brush than most adults. His specialty? Pet portraits done in stunning detail — for no money. But that doesn’t mean there’s no charge.

Pavel has always had a soft spot in his heart for animals. In fact, he’s the youngest volunteer at Arzamas, the only animal shelter in his city. But after the loss of his own pet, that work ceased to be enough. He knew he could give more!

Photo: Instagram/pashaabramov1

So he and Ekaterina Bolshakova, his mom, came up with a marvelous idea. Pavel could paint people’s pets in exchange for food and supply donations to the shelter!

The two named their project “Kind Paintbrush” and post photos and updates on a Russian social media site to a group called “What Can A Little Volunteer Do?”

Photo: Instagram/pashaabramov1

Pavel’s patrons have been happy to donate whatever the shelter needs! After all, the incredible portraits are a great deal for everyone! As for Pavel, he loves getting to know each of his animal subjects, especially when it comes to hearing their rescue stories.

Photo: Instagram/pashaabramov1

What’s even more encouraging is that his mission has spread far beyond his city. Pet parents from all over Russia have commissioned portraits from the little boy. His paintings have even made their way to Germany and Spain!

Photo: Instagram/pashaabramov1

These days, the shelter has more supplies than ever before. And it’s all thanks to one compassionate artist whose greatest passion is helping animals!

Photo: Instagram/pashaabramov1

“Our family is proud of his wonderful project,” Ekaterina told Bored Panda. “His days are scheduled to minutes. He wants to do absolutely everything — there is just not enough time.”

Photo: Instagram/pashaabramov1

Keep up the wonderful work, Pavel! What you do for animals in need is even more beautiful than your paintings, and that’s really saying something.

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