Successful Businessman Quits Job & Sells Everything To Save Lions In South Africa.

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Have you ever had one of those days where you truly consider what it would be like to quit your 9-5 job, sell all of your belongings, and travel the world to do what you truly love?

Like most of us, Dean Schneider had those same thoughts, but he was a very successful financial planner in Switzerland, making the decision to just leave it all behind a difficult one. Still, his love for animals prevailed and he ended his career in finance to do what he loves.

Unlike most kids who spend their spare time playing video games, Dean spent much of his young life being fascinated by animals and watching documentaries on them. As he grew up, he continued to donate to causes supporting wildlife and his love for them quickly surpassed his love of the high-life in finance.

Photo: Instagram/dean.schneider

So, he quit his job, sold his possessions, and moved to South Africa where he set up a club, Hakuna Mipaka where he aims to bring awareness and progress to saving wildlife and build an appreciation “for the animal kingdom” (ladies, it’s okay to start swooning).

Photo: Instagram/dean.schneider

The Hakuna Mipaka club covers more than 400 hectares. Part of the land is dedicated to housing people born into disastrous situations, but the rest of it is designed for wildlife rescue, allowing animals like zebras, impala, kudu, hyenas, and baboons to live in freedom.

Photo: Instagram/dean.schneider

Still, he has to employ guards on the land to keep poachers from entering at night to hunt the animals.

Photo: Instagram/dean.schneider

Despite how difficult, and sometimes heartbreaking, it can be, Dean presses on with his mission. He believes that “we only protect what we love” and has taken it upon himself to help society learn there is so much to love about wildlife.

Photo: Instagram/dean.schneider

His new job is a far cry from his days in the financial world – but his happiness and sense of purpose is higher than ever. Dean has truly found his bliss – and is making positive change throughout the world while doing it.

To learn more about Dean and his club, check out the Hakuna Mipaka website! Be sure to share his story with your friends, too!

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