22 Dogs Who Can Fall Asleep Literally Anywhere.

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They say “let sleeping dogs lie,” but honestly sometimes we feel like we should move them just a little bit.

Have you ever walked in and found your canine best friend sleeping in a position that’s so twisted it makes your neck hurt? Sure you have; we all have. Some dogs seem like they’re made out of rubber! The way they contort to fit into strange sleeping positions is legendary and we just can’t help but laugh!

1. This pooch is serious about his Pilates. He even does it in his sleep!

2. He’s overflowing the sofa.

3. “If I fits, I sits.”

4. At least he’s not chewing on your shoes!

5. Clever boy knows his litter mates can’t access the kibble if he’s on top of it.

6. As far as swan dives go this one’s a perfect 10.

7. It’s a shame he can’t get comfortable.

8. Stand back and let this guy sleep!

9. So majestic!

10. No dog bed? No problem.

11. “What’s for dinner?”

12. Has anyone seen the new puppy?

13. Walks are exhausting!


14. No one was productive on “Take Your Dog to Work” day.


15. Looks comfy!


16. I think the dog is broken.


17. Yup… definitely broken.


18. Best seat in the house for both of them.


19. He was reaching for the remote control when he fell asleep.


20. That sunshine must feel pretty good.


21. Here we have a big dog who thinks he’s a little dog. It happens.


22. He was about to get up… when this happened.


Okay, who else could use a nap now? These dogs seem like the greatest napping buddies ever!

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