People Are Buying IKEA Doll Beds And Using Them For Their Cats

Let’s face it, people tend to draw a strong line when it comes to whether they are a dog person or a cat person. I think that we could all agree that dog people love the canines and their families but cat people tend to be obsessive when it comes to their pets.

That fact is clearly demonstrated in the way that some people are now caring for their cats in an adorable and somewhat unusual way. Of course, we’ve always been willing to wait on our cats and give in to their every whim, but now, people are going to IKEA to purchase their feline friends a little gift.

It is the DUSTIG doll bed, which is being sold for about $15. The intention of the toy bed is for “[encouraging] make-believe play” for young children. In fact, they even show a child playing with the bed on their website!

The fact that they were made for children didn’t stop cat people from seeing the possibilities. They have been snatching up the beds to use them for their feline friends.

Cats are not the only animals who are enjoying this treat. Some pet rabbits are also getting in on the action:

You will also find the DUKTIG beds being sold on Amazon and at IKEA. Customer reviews show that they are a smash hit!

One five-star reviewer writes: “I use this for my rabbit she loves it! Although getting her up in the mornings from the bed is nearly impossible she hates leaving it lol. fantastic all you rabbit owners this is perfect.”

And another happy customer writes: “I bought this cat bed from Ikea, she *loves* it. Good quality and safe (no sharp edges), raises her off the floor out of any draft. She even prefers it to the settee. We did put a plush cushion on it for her though, for comfort. Very easy to assemble. One of our best buys for her.”

You can find them on the IKEA website here.

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