These Dachshund Brothers Wont Quit Their Sibling Fighting Until Their Human Says THIS!

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Siblings. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Many of us know what sibling rivalries are like. We love each other to death, but sometimes we show it in strange ways. Like fighting, arguing, and even wrestling with each other. These two cute Dachshund brothers know exactly what that’s like! And they couldn’t be any cuter!

They’re rolling around on the floor, wrestling on top of each other. You can hear their little growls. They’ve probably been fighting with each other for hours. The reason is unclear. Probably just because they are brothers, and that’s what brothers do. But we do find out, is the easy way to get them to stop. Their human says the magic word and the fighting stops instantly. She says “If you stop fighting, I’ll give you a treat.” And you already know which part of that sentence is the magic word: treat. The second they hear that, they both stop dead in their tracks and look at their human. The looks on their faces are priceless! They know a delicious treat is definitely worth putting an end to their wrestling match!

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