If you have a white dog, what colors in your wardrobe hide dog hair?

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Dog shedding is one of the biggest complaints of dog owners everywhere. Most dogs shed, but some breeds shed more profusely than others. If you have a white dog, chances are that you’ll find white hairs all over your home, and all over your clothing. Lint rollers can only remove so much of the stray hairs, so if you have a particularly hairy white dog that sheds frequently, you may want to be careful what color clothing you’re wearing, in order to best hide the unavoidable hairs that you will find on your clothes.

If you have a white dog, wearing white, cream, khaki, ivory or gold colors in your wardrobe will generally help to hide the dog hair. Stick to neutral tones that are close to the same color as your dog’s hair so that the clothing color helps to camouflage the fibers. Avoid dark colors like black, brown and dark blue, as these colors will reveal white dog hair the most.

Dogs with mostly white or all white hair that tend to shed the most include the American Eskimo Dog, Great Pyrenees, Dalmatian, Husky, Samoyed, and Malamute. While all dogs shed, some of these breeds have an undercoat that causes them to shed more frequently, especially during seasonal temperature changes. Dogs who shed a lot are typically not recommended for those with allergies.

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