If you have a white cat, what colors in your wardrobe hides cat hair?

To be honest, unless you are wearing white, it’s almost impossible to hide white cat hair on your clothing. People who make their lives with white cats swear that their animal companions are aware of this fact, and will intentionally come running when their humans appear in a dark suit or little black dress.

Your best defense against being constantly covered in Fluffy’s down white fur is to brush your cat on a regular basis. This not only involves getting the long hairs of the outer coat, but also using a comb to reach into the thicker undercoat.

Remember, however, that a cat’s skin is very fragile. Especially if you have a long-haired cat that is prone to tangles and mats, you do not want to use any kind of brush or comb that will pull and potentially harm the animal. If you are unsure what kind of grooming tools are appropriate for your cat, talk to your groomer or veterinarian for advice.

Some breeds also benefit from periodic bathing. Cats who live outside shed seasonally, but very few cats are or should be out and about in our dangerous modern world. Indoor cats shed year round, which means their humans have to deal with the issue constantly.

In addition to regular grooming and brushing, invest in the tried and true “sticky” roller. Most people with white cats will tell you that the last thing they do, every single time they leave the house, is to roll the hair off their clothes. With a white cat, that’s really the only consistently reliable solution.

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