If my cat has an upset stomach, would it be helping to serve her boiled chicken and rice?

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Cats, like dogs, can get into just about anything.

The question is this: How often is your cat vomiting? Does she also have diarrhea? How long has this gone on? There is the danger of your cat becoming dehydrated. It is highly advised to have a veterinarian examine your cat. In some cases, your cat may need to receive subcutaneous fluids.

Depending on this situation, your veterinarian may recommend that you temporarily serve your cat boiled chicken with a bit of rice. This meal is bland and lacks fat, which can be hard to digest. However, keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores and, as such, they are strictly meat eaters, so keep the rice to a minimum.

You might also try:

• Hairball medication. Be sure the stomach isn’t obstructed. Some people put a little hairball medication on the cat’s paw tor nose tip to encourage her to lick it off.
• Pet store grass. Cats can’t digest grass, but they like it—and they might vomit up the offending object.
• Reduce food amounts. This is mainly a preventative tactic; some cats eat too fast and then regurgitate. Give her small amounts at a time.
• Over-the-counter medications. Never give OTC drugs to your cat without first consulting your veterinarian. Cats have very sensitive digestive systems.

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