If I want to make an occasional homemade meal for my cat, are there any veterinarian-based websites that can provide guidance?

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Dr. Richard Pitcairn, one of the biggest proponents of the home-cooked meal for pets (especially the raw food diet) is author of Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats and describes a study in which two groups of cats were fed two different diets for several generations. One diet was comprised completely of raw food (meat, bones, cod-liver oil and milk), while the other group was fed the same foods, but cooked.

The study results showed that the cats on the entirely raw diet never required veterinary attention and were very healthy. He also notes that the more food was cooked, the less healthy the cats were. Interestingly, the health problems displayed by the cats on the cooked-food diet were very much like the most common problems seen by veterinarians such as gum disease, thyroid disorders and bladder inflammation. Dr. Pitcairn also recorded that after three generations, cats who were fed cooked food experienced reproduction problems. Dr. Pitcairn explains that between 52 and 79 percent of an amino acid that cats need—taurine—is destroyed in the cooking process, which is why it is often added to cat foods and supplements.

Ann N. Martin, an internationally recognized authority on the commercial pet food controversy, has investigated commercial pet food since 1990, and kept close tabs on industry practice.

The original edition of Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food, published in 1997, was among the first to expose the hazards of commercial pet food. Ms. Martin’s investigative reporting of the pet food industry was selected for special recognition as “one of the most censored news stories of 1997” by Sonoma State University’s Project Censored, which focuses on important news events that have been largely ignored by mainstream media. Since then, Martin has been on numerous television and radio shows to discuss the problems with commercial pet foods and the great health advantages of cooking for your animal companions.

Ann Martin also authors a popular blog.

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