If I crush the pill and mix it into the food, will it maintain its potency?

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Maintaining potency after crushing or dissolving medication depends on the type of pill that has been prescribed. Crushing or dissolving of medication is acceptable if it is not a time-released tablet.

Regular-coated medications have layers that dissolve at the same rate, releasing the medication at the same time. These types of medications can be crushed or dissolved to make administration easier for pets. They are considered immediate release tablets and once swallowed, immediately begin to release the medications into the body.

Timed release tablets, or extended release tablets, have a special coating that slowly releases medication over a set time into the body. If the coating is compromised or the tablet crushed before it is administered, too much of the medication may be released at once, instead of slowly over time. This may cause adverse reactions to the medication, and could potentially cause toxicity depending on the medication, which could have vast adverse effects that cause serious side effects and a worsened medical condition of your pet.

When in doubt as the type of tablet your pet may have been prescribed, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian to discuss the administration options of the medication. If oral pills are difficult to administer, perhaps a liquid form of the medication can be prescribed instead.

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