They Arrived At The Scene Of A Car Crash. Then, They Saw A Dark Shadow Trapped Under The Car…

In the pouring rain, two cars lost control, drove off Interstate-40 in New Mexico, through a fence and into a 12-foot creek. It was a miracle that the people survived the crash. Three deputies and a sergeant from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the scene to help.

They noticed one of the women looked extremely distraught. They were surprised to find out that her dog was still trapped under her car. They knew if they didn’t get him out right away, he would drown. So, they hopped into the creek and started digging through the mud, trying to figure out how to get the dog out. They tried shaking the car to get him out from underneath, but the tight space made it harder for them to move the car enough. Fifteen minutes later, they finally tilted the car and wiggled the dog out! Watch the rescue below:

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