This Hyper Labradoodle Runs Suicide Drills In The Middle Of His Living Room…Yup.

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Suicide drills were my least favorite part of gym class. Remember them? You start on one side of the gym and have to sprint to the other side, then run back and do it over and over and over again. They were the main reason why I didn’t last more than two days of basketball tryouts. Well, this Labradoodle puts us all to shame as he masters his own suicide drills.

Watch him as he runs as fast as he can across the living room, jumps onto the couch and then runs back across the room over and over again. I am getting tired just watching him! And at the end it seems as if he finally gets tired too when he jumps onto the couch and lies down instead of running again. I think he got enough exercise to last him a whole week!

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